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I Will Succeed in My Twenties.



By Kim Dong-ho, Kim Hye-jeong, Kim Jung-yoon
The Post Editors

What is the main object of your twenties? Love, Study, Employment? "What should I do in my twenties?" Though nobody can answer this question, lots of people in their twenties repeatedly raise the question because of suffering from anxiety about their unclear future. Nowadays, however, those who are between 20 and 30 have a clearer vision. Their achievements are not inferior to the older generation's. This cover story examines their multifarious lives..........................................Ed.

Part 1. The Twenties
How can we define our twenties? It is said that even failure is helpful to people of this age group, because they become more mature through a series of trials and errors. Some people also say that people in their early/mid-twenties are mostly free from the burdens of parents, workers, etc. Then, are the twenties the most free time in someone's life before marriage or commencement of work?
In general, someone should determine what he/she will do in their future at this age. It is the time to search and find out what someone really want to do. Therefore, this is the time to gain much practical learning and experience. Though the process and quality of experience are very different among individuals, they should determine their way to their future on the basis of accumulated experience.

Part2. The Age of Challenge
Recently, experts in various fields, such as CEOs, doctors, and movie directors, are increasing in the age group between 20 and 30. Their positions in our society are positively secure, and they reach conclusions through creativity and open minds.
Yoon Suck-ho is the 28 year-old president of CCR (www.ccr.co.kr). CCR is the venture company which developed "Fortree 2 Blue," a popular game that more than 10 million Korean's play. He began his enterprise at the age of 22, when he was a junior in Hanyang University.
The president of NOMONEY (www.nomoney.co.kr), Kim Byung-jin, is 25 years old. He established the Internet contents company in 1999. He quit school when he was still a high school student. Then, he passed the qualification examination for college entrance.
Lee Chang-hee became a 28-year-old Ph.D. this year. She is the first female Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from a domestic university. She took her bachelor and doctorate course in mechanical engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). According to Maeil Business Newspaper, 94 people including Ms. Lee got doctorate from KAIST.

Movie Makers

Orson Welles was 25 years old when he made the film "Citizen Kane" (1941), which is considered a masterpiece. And Sergei Eisenstein was 27 when he completed "Bronenosets Potyomkin" (1925). When Quentin Tarantino who is famous for was 29 years old, he produced "Reservoir Dogs" (1992), and after this "Pulp Fiction" (1994).
Often film directors in their twenties must go abroad to become famous. However, it is difficult for someone in his/her twenties to be a movie director in Korea without first being an assistant director. Although they have a talent for movie directing and were interested in making films from an early age, the Korean system is against them.
Recently, movie directors in their twenties are being successful one after another. Ryu Seung-wan, who made the surprise success "Die Bad" last year, is only 28. "Haejuck Becomes Discoking," released recently, is made by Kim Dong-won. And Cho Eui-seok is famous for "Just Run." They are both in their twenties. Mo Ji-eun, a 20-year-old woman film maker and a graduate of the Dept. of Drama & Cinema of Dongguk University, is making a film entitled, "Please introduce a nice guy to me, if you know any."
In the meantime, most aspiring movie directors in their twenties have been active in the field of "independent film." However, they are involved in the main stream of the movies at present.

Sociologists hold the view that most people in their twenties are indifferent to political problems. What is more, they consider them to be conservative. Nonetheless, there are some people in their twenties who are interested in politics. To the some young political journalists are keenly observant and comment harshly on candidates' plans. They no longer trust not only  veteran reporters' articles but also professors' political reviews.
Lee Tae-joon is one of these young turks. "I really wanted to state my view openly to others. However, no one gave me any space to state my opinion." Now, as the political columnist of critizen (www.critizen.net), he is expressing his view that Lee Hoi-chang will not make a fine president in this critical on-line webzine.
Jang Shin-ki, a student at Yonsei University, is also a well-known political columnist. He is now working for Daejabo, a political webzine, as its political editor. He expressed his opinions on the primary election and now is planning to publish a book entitled "Rhee In-je can not beat Lee Hoi-chang."
These is also young support for Nosamo (People who love Roh Moo-hyun, shortened to Nosamo in Korean) and Changsarang (Chang" coming from Lee's name and "sarang" meaning love in Korean).
This political support group also includes senior citizens and primary school students, and nearly half of the group's 32,000 members are in their 20s-30s.
"People in their 20s and 30s had been steeped in political nihilism and cynicism after watching the "three Kims" divide up the nation, the failure of the Kim Young-sam administration and the long-running Red complex," said Kim Jong hoon, a sophomore at Dongguk University and a member of Nosamo. "I have been interested in Korean political problems. Nothing makes one's blood boil like political corruption. Roh Moo-hyun has come up with some original ideas compared with other politicians," he said. "Nosamo is strong enough. And we, supporters in their 20s, will make him  president! It will succeed since it follows the righteous path of historical development. That is the reason why I join Nosamo," he added.

These days, we can easily find more people in their twenties with fixed positions in society compared with the past. No doubt they did not ignore their possibilities and challenged ceaselessly. It's abvious that they managed their time properly in their twenties?
Let me ask some hard questions. Are you a student without any dream who pursues only pleasure as soon as classes are over. Or do you devote yourself only to making money? What are the real obstacles preventing you from finding your future? Do you fear encountering them? Don't worry! If you don't fear challenges, they will offer you valuable experience. And that's what you should be looking for when you are in your twenties.

Kim Dong-ho  dgudp@dongguk.edu

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