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Introduction BBU: The Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca is the largest university in Romania.   With almost 50,000 students, the university offers 105 specialisations.  The university was named after two prominent Transylvanian scientists, the Romanian scientist Victor Babe? and the Hungarian mathematician Janos Bolyai.  The university is now the most diversified (in terms of specialisations) and the most complex higher education institution in Romania.  The university has 21 faculties and over 1,700 faculty members. The University offers bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. degrees, along with advanced postgraduate studies.

The post interviewed MA Min-jung, a student majoring in Political Science & Diplomacy, and currently an exchange student at BBU.  She will tell us more about BBU.  Let's listen to her.
What are the advantages?
There are few Korean students.  BBU has only 6 Korean students including me.  There is a department of Korean studies at BBU, so I help those concerned in the department with their Korean studies every Friday.  I participate in their event and help Korean professors.  It is one of my worthwhile activities. 
In contrast to Korean universities, there are lively discussions and the professors ask students opinions in the classes.  Students actively participate in classes, so you have to adapt to this style.  You can take classes in English, French, German, Spanish and so on.
I live in dormitory with exchange students from EU nations.  Two students live together in the same room.  There are many students who come from different countries.  I can make friendship with not only with Rumanian students but also Polish, German, Dutch, Italian, Swiss, and many other students from around the world.  All of my foreign friends are kind to me.  No racial discrimination exists. 
Since there are many discounts for students, you can enjoy the cultural life on the campus cheaply.  I joined a health club for only 35,000 won.  And performances are presented every week in the student art hall.  If you pay only 8,000 won, you can see all performances for two weeks.  There are many clubs and bars around BBU.
It is very cheap for students.  Cluj-napoca is the most safest city in Rumania.  The police patrol throughout the night so I can walk around safely whenever I stay out late.  There are no Korean restaurants, but many Chinese and Japanese restaurants.  The fruits are cheap and cultivated in organic ways.
What are the disadvantages?
Administration services are very slow and complicated.  I got a scholarship a month late because the Rumania government permitted too late.   Also it was difficult to get a foreigner certificate. 
In Rumania, people do not use Internet very often, so it is a little inconvenient.
Money does matter!
Tuition fee and dormitory expenses are free.  The school offers me $400 USD for the cost of living once a month and I got a scholarship.  My total costs were 500,000 KRW including food, mobile, entertainment cost.  If you save your money, you can live on your scholarship only.
Tips & Advice
You may be afraid to come here because Rumania is an unfamiliar nation.  Actually I sometimes miss Korean people.  But if you meet European and Rumanian people you can experience and learn many things.  It sometimes is difficult to study abroad.  But wherever you live, living in abroad is always lonely.  You have to be prepared.

Bath Spa University offers pre-degree study, undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees in a wide range of programmes. The University is linked with over 50 institutions in Europe, Asia, the USA and Africa.
Bath Spa University is a teaching-led university with an emphasis on teaching of the highest quality. In each of our Schools of study there are programmes with outstanding results in sector-wide quality assurance processes. The University has achieved exceptionally high rankings in national newspaper league tables. Its popularity is growing each year, and in the past five years it has achieved a 40% increase in undergraduate applications.

The Post interviewd Lee Sae-hee, a student majoring in English Language&Literature Major, currently an exchange student at BSU.  She 'll tell us more about BSU.  Let's listen to her.

What are the advantages?

First, the BSU has a good enviorment and atmosphere.  The campus has a clean enviroment as it intends to be a 'Green Campus'.  They manage enviroment completly.  Like other campuses in England, a nation whose prestige is based on tradition and history, architecture at the BSU is classical and magnificent.  Thanks to this wonderful environment, I am pushed to study hard as if I were an Oxford's student.  BSU has a home like atmosphere because campus is small. Most students are kin and friendly.

  Second, BSU has some systems for exchange students.  One is 'SUP' which is a kind of English language teaching program.  I applied for this program which is offered to exchange students from Korea.  This program provides exchange students with a private tutor who advises exchange students about language problems and helps students finish the projects lik essays and presentations.

Are there any disadvantages?

  As you already know, the weather in England is usually cloudy, gloomy and seasonless unlike Koreas's distinctive for seans.  So the weather makes me gloomy and homesick. Another problem is the British accent which is different from what we've learned. We've learned Amrican accent as the standard accent for English.  So it's hard to understand the British accent and intonation especially in an ordinary conversation between classmates.  It also differs from the BRitish accent I learned while I was preparing for TOEFL

Mony does matter!

 The tuition fee is expensive becuase of higher prices in living in England. The tuition fee for BSU costs fourteen million won and I also paid a million won to DongGuk University for each semestor. Boarding expenses no including your food costs are seven hundres thousand won. Fortuanately, England provides full time visa for exchange students so you can work legally 20 hours a week to earn mony.


If you want to improve yourself in adopting a new situation or studying in a differnet education system, then challange yourself to become an exchange student student. One year is neither a short time to study nor a long time. If you want to test yourself for one year, build up your courage and challange yourself. Feel the pleasure of success when you dream come true  


Lee Soo-jin reporter  innocent117@hanmail.net

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