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How was your vacation? I guess some of you took trips or studied while others worked at part-time jobs. We sometimes think about how other people spend their time. When we see students who are doing something we would like to do, we make up our minds and make plans, but we forget them after a few days. Now, let's learn about seven students?campus life and how their lives can be compared to ours ..................................................Ed.

Sunim’s Campus Life

My Dream Is to Establish Buddhist Kindergarten

We can often see many Buddhist priests (sunims) on our campus. Sometimes, we are in the same class with them. We can easily meet them but most students don’t know how sunims spend their time. So, we often wonder what they do during the intervals between classes? The Dongguk Post met Bo Kyung sunim, a freshman in the Dept. of Seon Studies, to hear about his campus life.
Eight years have passed since he became a sunim. Eight years ago, he went to Kyunghee University and majored in trade. At that time, he was a member of the rock circle and a humdrum student. As time passed, he was convinced that he should choose a way different from ordinary people. He had been visiting to the Buddhist temple since he was five years old, so he was accustomed to Buddhism. He belonged to Tongdosa (Buddhist temple) and learned discipline at the temple. He wanted to learn and experience various things, so he decided to enter Dongguk university.
During the semester, he lives in a dormitory, Baeksangwon, with other student sunims. His day begins at 4 am. First, he prays in front of Buddha and arrives at the campus around 6:30 am, much earlier than most students. At intervals between classes, he usually talks with his friends, studies, and surfs the Internet.
“Campus life fell short of my expectations. I was disappointed in many things. First, curriculum was less than I expected. When Buddha statue was damaged, I was disappointed of students. However, there were many positive things. I could meet many young students, use a computer and read various books.”
Bo Kyung gets rid of stress by engaging in sports, watching movie and listening to music. He says that he enjoys watching action movies. Nowadays, he sometimes watches TV for getting information. It seems that his life isn’t that much different from an ordinary student’s life. However, he doesn’t think that grades are important. “What is more important is I get from a lecture.”
He tries to realize his dream through studying in the university. “I like taking care of children. So, my dream is to establish a Buddhist kindergarten. To attain my dream, I am planning on taking the teacher training courses.”

Working a Part-time Job

Hwang Ju-yung, a sophomore in Area of Natural Science, has been doing her part-time job for one year. During the summer vacation of last year, she saw a part-time job announcement by Job Support and applied for it. She had to submit a resume and undergo an interview. From the second semester, she began to work at the library.
“Some students work at restaurants or coffee shops. That is heavy work and there isn’t any spare time. However, while working at the library, I can read many books and make new friends.” She started to work in order to earn pocket money. And the other reason is that she thought she spent her time meaninglessly in the first term. So she chose a part-time job, which she can do during intervals between classes.
“I work 15 hours a week and make 200,000 won a month. Students can work at the library, computer room, language institute and so on. Part-time campus jobs are available every semester.” She liked her job so much that she applied to do it again.
There also are some demerits to the job. “I don’t have enough time to study my major because of my part-time job. In the second term, I’ll study hard and try to get some licenses.” “My part-time job gives me precious experience.”

The Student Preparing for State Law Examination

The following is the daily schedule of Jang Seok-dae, who is preparing for the state law exam. He gets up in the morning and goes to the school library to study for the state law examination and comes back home at night. During vacation he has more time for studying than in the middle of a term. Thanks to the time spent on preparing for examinations, he can’t enjoy drinking, playing sports and traveling as much as other people  his age do. “I’d like to enjoying various things but now it is more important to me that I pass the examination and become a justice. My final goal is to be a judge of the constitutional court. So I have to study for my dream,” said Mr. Jang.
He has dreamed of being a justice since he was in the high school. After he entered university, he worked at a part-time job because he wanted to pay his tuition fee without his parent’s help. During his freshman and sophomore years, he was absent almost every day from classes. It is one of things that he regrets. The other thing is that he didn’t join any circle.
He says when he is exhausted from studying, he tries to study harder, if he can’t, watches the movie. Mr. Jang said, “I like people and I want everyone to be happy together. That is the fundamental reason that I study. If I become a justice, I will stand by poor people and minor.”

A Senior’s Campus Life

Looking Back Upon the Last three-and-a-half years

Usually, seniors are busy preparing for employment. It is a crucial time for them to choose one of many ways. They can choose to be employed, to go to graduate school and so on. By spending four years of campus life efficiently it helps you to choose your way more carefully.
Jang Tae-su, a senior in the Dept. of English Lang. & Lit., feels confident that he spends his campus life with passion. When he was a freshman, he applied for The Dongguk Post but failed to pass its test. He was very disappointed. After that, he joined Kyungdang, a swordsmanship circle, and the English theatre circle. Currently, he is preparing for the theatre, “Antigone.”
While he was in the high school, he loved movies so much that he didn’t go to school and spent his time in video shops watching movies. When he was a senior, he took a lecture in the Dept. of Drama & Cinema. During the course, he became a member of a team, of graduate students, in the Dept. of Drama & Cinema, who were preparing a graduate movie; he was in charge of planning. In his last semester, he worked as an assistant instructor in the Dept. of English Lang. & Lit.
He had many difficulties when he ente- red that field. “Some groups are sometimes exclusive and are slow to welcome new members. And it was hard for me to do many things. So under that situation, it is difficult to join those groups.  However, I think that I can achieve something valuable by overcoming those difficulties.”
A few years ago, Mr. Jang entered an English conversation class taught by Hyon Gak sunim. Sunim said he lectures in philosophy, wrote “Just do it!” on the blackboard and then left the classroom. In the next class, sunim said, “Whatever it is, challenge it!” Those words became a turning point in Mr. Jang’s life.
Now he is planning to enter graduate school and to major in Cinema planning & marketing. His dream is to teach university students.
He says that if you hold a position you want and are just satisfy with it, you can’t improve beyond that. So he always challenges himself with something new. And he also believes that inferiority is the starting point of self-improvement.

Circle Activity

“I came to my circle room almost every day during vacation and prepared for the university theatrical contest.” Baek Min-jung, the chairperson of the Theatrical Art Studying and a sophomore in the Dept. of Education, is waiting for afternoon practice in her circle room. She was introspective and hoped to change her personality. When she was a high school student, she suggested to her teacher the establishment of a theatrical circle. After that, she started to perform on the stage. When she entered university, she had no hesitation in attending a theatrical circle. She spends most of her time with the theatrical circle, even during her vacation. The theatre is so important to her that she gives up many other things. “We usually hide our deep feelings. However, on the stage, I can express my inner world,” said Ms. Baek.
Nowadays, she sometimes thinks about her future. “It was my dream to be a great performer. However, the more I learned about the theatre, the more I needed to learn. I haven’t decided yet what I will do in the future. I hope to have a creative job like a theatrical performer. I want to perform all I can before I graduate.”
“As time passed by, I lost purity and passion. And I regret that I didn’t prepare for my future carefully. But I win more than I lose. I’ve also met many new friends and gained valuable experience.”
No one can catch two rabbits at the same time. Ms. Baek, however, begs to differ.

Venture & Startups

I Do What I Like

Lee Seong-min, a senior in the Dept. of Industrial Engineering, usually sleeps for about two to five hours a night. He often hears friends say that he seems to be always so busy. From nine am to nine pm, he spends most of his time in a circle room. His circle is Frontier, a circle for startups.
“After finishing military service, I came back to school and organized this circle. Due to this circle, I don’t have much free time but I can have valuable experience by investing my time in my circle. It is an important part of my campus life.” He has been interested in startups since he was in the middle school.
Now, he is organizing a startup in the Venture Business Incubating Center and he is the strategy management director of Jdottech. He also has been awarded a prize in a venture idea contest sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan City.
When Korea was under IMF domination, he saw his first opportunity. He leased an inexpensive office and established an educational institute and ran the institute for a year. He managed to keep it going but he recognized more experience and knowledge is needed. Since he was a middle school student, he worked at many part-time jobs because he wanted to gain experience.
Venture startups are well known for their high risks and for the difficulty to succeed. So he often hears from those around him, “You should prepare for the future more practically, because you are senior.” He responds, “I don’t prepare for employment like other seniors. However, I don’t regret what I am doing. On the contrary, I am satisfied to do something that I love, to meet many people and to have various kinds of experience.
Even though it is difficult to meet new people and to create new items, he seems to be happy. He said that he is very happy when he achieves something by himself, though it is small.

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