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Follow Your DreamThe Creator of Dkey, Jang Dong-Hyuk

Follow Your Dream
- The Creator of Dkey, Jang Dong-Hyuk -

By Kim So-Yeon
The Cub reporter

  I'm a business man!
  Have you heard of "Dkey," a community web-site where you can meet your friends at DU.  If you are a Donggukian, you are certainly familiar with "Dkey" because the site sends an invitation card every semester. The card says that you should join the club and leave a message on a greeting board to get to know other club members.  When you enter the site, many witty self-introductions immediately catch your attention.  For example, here's a message by a shy girl: "I feel like I have a butterfly in my stomach when thinking about meeting all you guys on the web.  I used to be lonely, living by myself, but not anymore because I'm part of a big Dongguk family.  It's always nice to meet all of you, who are my sisters and brothers!"
  Do you wonder who started the club? It is Jang Dong Hyuk, who is majoring in Management Information System. Mr. Jang is an ambitious man.  He used to teach in the computer-programming field and owned his own company, Computing Edge, at the age of seventeen.  Computing Edge was a marketing business based on an Internet shopping mall.  He then got interested in the computer business.
  He's a very social person as well. "I love to meet people on the Internet; so I came up with the idea of opening a community web-site for Dongggukians.  At first I didn't know if it would be taken seriously by students, but it's getting popular, and lots of people are  curious about it.  The site is keeping me busy.

  Dkey.co.kr Story 
  Although DU has improved on its homepage, there is no school-provided web space for student's own opinions.  The homepage's opinion board available now requires students to use their real name.  This makes students reluctant to speak up.
  Mr. Jang thought that DU needed something like the "Seoul National University Life," a student-governed homepage where students voice their opinion anonymously at online.  So he decided to make the DU community site Dkey.co.kr.  Dkey now has over two thousand members.  He has his views about why the students at DU love to enter the web-community.  "I have a strong view on 'the importance of time' based on the business lectures I attended.  The lectures taught me that time fluctuates.   There is always a period of time when members rush to join a club. This is why I sent a virtual invitation message to Doggukians' mail box and linked this site address on every daum cafe related to DU."  Mr. Jang took advantage of freshmen's anxiousness for their newly-started campus life. 
Because they're new Doggukians, they need some kinds of student relationships.  Therefore, Dkey is a right place for new-coming students.   Dkey is where anyone can introduce oneself to the other and find a new friend.  The most important message is: "Dkey is always open to Donggukians,"  Mr. Jang added.
  He continued his story.  "From this September I plan to try to have another independent site, maintaining Dkey's name.  This site will be more open-minded by letting people use only nick names.  You don't have to disclose your identity.  You can just keep secret about yourself.  This plan is about to be launched soon." 
  Of course, he has not made efforts in vain.  "I feel happy when the club is flourishing while I'm absent from the administration job.  Perhaps, there is something organic between this work and me."

 A look at Mr. Jang's private life.
  "I see a picture of you hiking with other Donggukians on Che-ju this past summer.  Is your hobby hiking?" the Post asked Mr. Jang.  "Yes, I'm fond of hiking, especially with a bicycle.  This is why I put a notice on the Dkey board about the Che-ju bike hiking plan.  This program was for bike hiking along the beach.  Last time we bike-hiked, but we were so tired that we didn't enjoy ourselves.  It was as if we had done military training.  This time I plan to make it little bit easier by renting cars and scooters, so that members can take a rest." said Mr. Jang.
  He added that he liked to experience various kinds of culture.  This is why he runs "UNI-club," where each participant gives a lecture about a unique culture.  Through this activity he can organize a peer group and enjoy himself, too.

  What did he gain?
  Of course, there are some difficulties he confront.  Due to his busy schedule, he didn't have enough time to prepare for TOEIC and employment tests as other students did. 
  However, he learned from his experiences that there is no fixed answer for realizing one's dream.  "These days, many students tend to have a wrong definition of success.  They regard it as getting a job at a large company.  Many students also take a civil service examination in their pursuit of a stable life.  Whenever I meet anyone like those, I have an uneasy feeling.  It is important to have various experiences and challenge oneself. I believe that time will lead me to what I really want to be," said Mr. Jang.
  His activities have expanded his network, enabling him to gain more knowledge.
  The reporter asked about Mr. Jang's future plan.  "I'm planning to establish an enterprise after graduation.  That is why I changed my major from Dept. of Electronic Engineering to that of Management Information System.  It's time to apply for an internship or part-time job because I want a career in a real field of business.  This is how one gains real knowledge," he stressed.


Kim Jong - Chan (CINEWOOD C.E.O)

" I heard about Mr. Jang from a friend of mine several years ago," said Kim Jong-Chan..  His friend and Mr. Jang were members of the UNI- club.  One day, Mr. Kim was so busy that he couldn't write a draft of his business by himself.  So his friend introduced to him Mr. Jang, whose computing ability was most useful to Mr. Kim.  Mr. Jang was helpful even when he had final exams.  "He made a profound impression on me through his responsibility and open-mindedness.  Even now he gladly helps me with my business.  He is really a capable man." stressed Mr. Kim.

Kim So-Yeon  mangtosy@dongguk.edu

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