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I Have a Dream!

Most university students dream of a successful future. some dream that they will have a warm house where their families can have tea in the evening. Some want to be politicians or wield enormous power. Others just want jobs related with their majors. Those dreams are more realistic and specific than dreams of childhood. And their realization is not so far from now. However, on-e's dreams can be shattered if he/she does not perse vere in hi-s/her efforts to realize it. Do you have a dream? If so, what do you think about that dream? Is the word "dream" a synonym for your future job? Or is it just an ideal that you can never achieve? I have no idea what your answer is to the question "What is your dream?" Because thousands of people have thousands of ways of dreaming. Here are the dreams of four DU students, which might make you think about your youth throughout the story...................................................................Ed.

My dream is to be a university E- nglish teacher. My friends ever call me Professor Hwang. To me, a professor is a person who is respected, who has a stable income and a secure job, and who wears sober attire. Everybody seems to envy this ideal job. Professors are honored because of the long effort it takes to be a professor, and they should be rewarded. I decided to be a professor when I was a junior. I was fascinated by several professors?passionate lectures, actions, the tone of their voices and personalities. There are several reasons why I want to be a professor.
First of all, I like English. English is my friend when I am lonely. In the past, I didn't like English because I didn't know how to study English. But I tried to become familiar with English by approaching it with interest like a little baby does with a doll or a toy. In other words, I tried to learn English just for fun. In the past, when I tried to learn English by studying I got a lot of stress and gave up. As time went by, I was feeling more familiar with English and chose a new view of English education: Let's study English easily and interestingly.?These days I spend most of my time on studying school subjects, listening to music and watching English movies. By making English a part of my daily activities, it has become a big part of my life.
Second, I want to win fame. I imagine that I will gain respect on campus as well as in my family. I want to be called Professor Hwang. Personally, honor is more important than money and authority in my life. I also respect knowledge. That's why I chose to be a professor rather than a computer programmer, a business man, a salesman of trade company, a stock analyst and so on.
Next, I like teaching students. I used to tutor middle and high school students in English. It was suitable for me. I was satisfied that students understood my own teaching method. On the other hand, I also realized that teaching is not so easy. Because to have a student understand completely, I had to prepare a lot in advance. If I gave a lecture in a university, how would I feel? Probably, I would be very nervous because an extracurricular lesson is person to person, but a lecture in a university is to a group. I will need to learn better teaching methods and be familiar with the atmosphere of a lecture. One of the students I had taught thanked me for teaching him well, saying to me, "You are a good teacher who gave me motivation and encouragement. My grades are improving because of you." Later, I got a message that he passed the university entrance exam. When I heard that news from him, I felt it had been worth teaching him.Then, professors have a great opportunity to further develop and advance themselves through research. Professors seem to have little stress in comparison with other jobs because there is no one interfering with them as often happens between seniors and juniors in companies. Professors can work freely in their offices reading books a lot and continuing their studies. I like aspects of the profession.
Finally, I want to keep myself young by spending most of my time with students. I don't think there is enough contact between students and teachers. If I am a professor, I will talk with students often, get to know them better and try to reduce the generation gap.
Being a professor is my dream job. But it's a hard job to get. There are many people with Ph.Ds, trying to get teaching jobs. The competition is keen. My friends and teachers encourage me, "You can do it, why not? Go for it."These words were a big help to me. I'll do my best to make my dream come true.

The writer is a senior student in the Dept. of English Lang. & Lit. at DU.

Lim Ha-na

Most people hope to live a successful life and I'm one of them. Our future is uncertain, but I have a dream about my future and a few plans about my dream. First, I have a plan about my job.When I was young, I had a lot of dreams. One of those dreams was to be a witch, because a witch can do anything. And I have dreamed of being a doctor since I was a middle school student, because my father gave me some advice about medicine and I promised to follow his advice. But my future goal changed a few times, complicating my future dream.I have been thinking very deeply about what kind of job I should choose. It's very hard work to select one. The important thing about my future plans is not just getting a job but what kind of job I'll do. And there are preconditions. The job mustn't be tedious and it must be a professional and permanent one. Of course, I know much effort has to be done to get such a nice job. As a result of deep thinking, I made up my mind to be an instruction. In the future, I'd like to engage in a job concerning education. Actually, I had practical training at school in April. Then I made a firm determination about my dream.I can't believe the hectic schedule that so many students have. I was talking to one student who has a math tutor, piano lessons and private English lessons. Many students go to educational institutes in order to do well in school. And it is a common financial burden for many families. On the other hand, many students have a great difficulty in learning these days. There have been a number of occasions when I have actually spoken to students about their problems. No one took care of them. I want to shelter them with love. I really love them because they are pure and frank. So I want to be a person needed by students.In my opinion, being an instructor is a very important position in society, and nothing is harder than being a good instructor. Therefore, to be a good educator, I must know and experience a variety of things. Knowing information is also one of the most important things in today'ssociety. So, if possible, I will study in America after I graduate from DU. The reason why I would like to study in America is because of its progressive and developed academic environment. I would like to experience new activities in a broader world.
To accomplish this goal, I will need more detailed future plans. At first, I will graduate and go to America. As soon as I arrive there, I'm going to enter an English institute for one year. Then, I am going to enter a university or college in the USA. But it is very difficult to compete with native speakers, and there are a lot of difficulties that have to be overcome, I know.
I will encounter numerous problems in the USA as well. But I will be ready for them. I know I will have to study English very hard for my plan to work. Even though I worry about my study plan, it will be fine.
I will encounter numerous problems in the USA as well. But I will be ready for them. I know I will have to study English very hard for my plan to work. Even though I worry about my study plan, it will be fine.
When I come back to Korea, I'm going to become an educational public service employee. And after I earn some money, I hope to open my own kindergarten academy. I know it is just a dream and everything is not possible, but I will do my best for my dream to come true.My other dream is that I want to be a good homemaker, wife and mother to my family. I would like to get married to someone who has an active personality and a good sense of humor. I hope to have two children. They will be smart. And I also want to live in a beautiful light-blue and white house that is located near the sea. I hope that the house is light-blue and white. I hope that it is located near the sea. Our family will enjoy a rich cultural life that includes watching films, playing sports, and traveling on the weekends. I want to travel around the world with my family during vacations. Traveling abroad will broaden their outlook.
I also remember going to many other countries besides America. That was 14 years ago. But the days I spent there remain with me as a pleasant memory throughout my life. I will become a working woman, and at the same time, a good homemaker. I'll keep a comfortable home and always try to make my family happy. I think about these things all the time and plan them in detail. If I want one more thing, it is that my husband and I will have the same hobbies in the future. If so, we can spend our free time together.
There are many things I want to do, but I know I can't do everything I dream of. When I become old, I will never be sorry, because I lived my life my way. I'm sure that my future will be bright and I will be happy.

The writer is a senior student in the Dept. of Geographic Education at DU.

Hong Ae-ryang

Most people have dreams that they are now struggling with. Some are still doing their best to accomplish it, others are just hoping that dreams come true and then there are those who have already given it up. Having a dream makes people happy or sad. When it turns out well, people are pleased to have a dream. When it does not come true, people are depressed. No matter what the outcome will be, having a dream makes people feel more alive. Nowadays, people tend to forget about their dreams and say that it is because they are too busy with living. I believe that if people keep focused on their goals, they can overcome any difficulty easily. Dreams are very important for everyone. We can not say that one person's dream is more important or less important. We do not want to compare our dreams with others because dreams are from each other's heart. In my case, I hope to study abroad and then travel around the world. These are my goals that I set several years ago and now I am doing my very best to make them happen. I set these goals because I wanted to have a valuable experience that could be helpful to me for the rest of my life. Three years ago, I went to London to brush up on my English. At first, I was really afraid of being alone, even though it was not the first time I was abroad by myself. Fortunately, I got used to living on my own very soon and could make good friends who were from all over the world. It was a wonderful experience to learn about other cultures and views. Through the experience, I have gained great empathy that would enable me to view foreigners without any prejudice. I had never thought profoundly about studying abroad before going there. While studying English with other foreigners, I felt it was a good idea to be in competition with people who are from different countries. There would be tons of things I could do and I was sure that it would be worth trying.Backpacking was one of them. The main advantage of backpacking on my own was that I did not have to set an exact itinerary. While staying at youth hostels or guest houses, I could share sightseeing information with other tourists. It is also a great way to make new friends while the backpacking. All I needed was more confidence. So far, I just have been to several countries. Backpacking was a great experience, and I met nice, open-minded people who were traveling around the world by themselves. They were curious to know about the real world, just like me. If I have another opportunity, I will travel around the world and learn how different human beings are.
In order to reach my goals, I have to get a good job that is related to my major. It can be helpful to my career. Actually, this is my last semester at DU. Therefore, I am looking for a job very earnestly. Although I am a senior, Ihave just been here for two years. I transferred to DU as soon as I came back form London. This was a decision that I made myself and had to take care of everything. Studying abroad is not only a matter of English and one's major. It is also a matter of one's financial condition. So I must save up money at least for two or three years after graduation. As an adult, I do not want to ask my parents for money. This is my own problem, and I have to work it out. These days, it is easy to search for information about studying abroad and traveling through the Internet, including how to enroll, where get to accommodations and so on. There are many communities that are run by students who are now studying abroad on the Internet. They give necessary information to like-minded people. I believe that once I gather information for what I need, it is important to reach my goals.
Frankly speaking, I am not sure if I will manage to do it or not, and it could be much harder than my expectations. Even if I do not accomplish my goal, I will not mind it. I believe that the most important thing is to do my very best and not to fear failure. Sometimes, even achievers do not reach their goals or see their ideas founder. But they finally succeed because they take advantage of adversity, taking opportunities from change. By the time I have finished studying abroad and then traveled around the world, I will be so good. Maybe I will have another dream after that. I hope more people try to do their best until they accomplish their dreams in spite of adversities. Dreams have help us get a new direction in life or give us a purpose that we might have lacked. I can say that I am happy because I have dreams that I am now trying to experience.

The writer is a senior student in the Dept. of Business Management at DU.

Lee Suk-yeon

Everyone has a dream. Yet, not everyone has an ambition. With ambition, one could achieve great feats, but without ambition, one lives an ordinary life no matter how great the person is. Ambition is the mother of change, and our history books are full of those who had ambitions. I do not have a mere dream; I have an ambition. I have an ambition for the truth of evil.I am especially interested in the concept and the cause of evil, because it is what determines a true crime, and ultimately, an essential element in achieving true justice. The concept of evil is very vague. The standards that determine evil vary from culture to culture, from religion to religion, and from society to society. Those who have the power exploit their influences, using justice to their advantage. Those who are born in a harsh environment are determinately grown as a deviant youth. Even those who seek for the truth of it are often prejudiced in their points of view, allowing faults and criticisms. Evil is something that is very easy to decide upon, yet it is something on which is so hard to have a consensus with other people.
I wish to overcome such barriers of different perspectives. I believe that many fields of study, such as criminology and religion, are narrow viewpoints on one big truth. All of them make sense in a way, with their own rationalizations. It is just that they are too narrow in their views on explaining something so big. Why not open my eyes big and try to look at that big truth? That is exactly what I am planning to do.
In order to have a wide-open eye, I first must learn. I must learn the many different perspectives that many knowledgeable individuals have rationalized. That is why I chose my major, Police Administration, where I could master manyareas of study altogether, such as criminology, law, sociology and psychology.
To have a truthful eye, I must cover all possibilities. That is why I do not wish to rely too much on statistical data. Although statistics are quite convincing, those who have been neglected in the statistics, those who are usually considered as the"statistically insignificant/minor," much be given attention. Stalin said, "One death is a tragedy. One million deaths is a statistic." Statistics ignore the one little tragedy. That one little tragedy is a possibility and a truth, and the absolute truth does not allow exceptions.
I have an ambition, an ambition to find out the truth about evil, and ultimately to achieve true justice. I know that the ambition I have is seemingly impossible to achieve. I know myself well, and the prejudices that I have, and the fact that there are many people who would disagree with my prejudiced viewpoints. Despite the ambiguous possibility, I am determined to walk the path I have chosen. Those who strive determinately for their ambitions, however they may fail, triumph over those who do not even try. Striving for the ambition itself is a great triumph.

It is not the critic who counts,
nor the person who points out how the strong person stumbled
or where the doer of deeds could have done better.
The credit belongs to the person who is actually in the arena;
whose face is actually marred by dust and sweat and blood,
who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again,
who knows great enthusiasm and great devotions,
whose life is spent in a worthy cause;
who, at best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement
and at worst, if failure wins out, it at least wins with greatness,
so that this person's place shall never be with those timid souls
who know neither victory nor defeat.
Theodore Roosevelt, "Citizen in a Republic,?April 23, 1910
May there be a day when even the most notorious criminal is not abhorred, but understood and sympathized.

The writer is a sophomore student in the Dept. of Police Administration at DU

Hwang Seung-huyn  leesj117@dongguk.edu

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