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First published in 1965 / Publisher Han Tae-sik / Chief Editor Lee Seo-yeon
The "Lifelong Education College Plan," Unable to Satisfy Everyone
Ministry of Education initiates plans to establish new college for working highschool graduates while the validity is questioned
From the end of July, there has been a big issue in Ewha Womans University, when Ewha was selected as a target of “Lifelong Education College Plan.” A lot of students of Ewha opposed to th
Kim Geon-jung Is Suspended from School for Destroying the Name List
Kim Geon-jung, the former vice chairperson of the General Student Council (GSC) has been indefinitely suspended from sch
The 50th Anniversary of The Dongguk Post
On June 24th, the 50th Anniversary Celebration of The Dongguk Post was held at Sanglokwon. The event was hosted by the 4
The "Seon Trainee Course" Opens for the First Time
On September, International Seon Center opens the “Seon Trainee Course” for the first time. The purpose of the program i
Position of Student Council's Chairperson in the College of Social Science Is Empty
Lee Jae-min, the chairperson of the “Sagwa-Namu,” the 29th student council of the College of Social Science, was expelle
The GSC Wound up the Assembly, Starts Sit-Down to Protest
On August 13th, 5:00 P.M., at the front gate of the Main Hall, the General Student Council (GSC) announced that they wil
Group-viewing Event of the Movie “Upside Down” and Meeting Regarding the Sewol Ferry Incident Held
Dongguk University’s central history club “Ladder” held a group-viewing event of the movie “Upside Down” which is a docu
GSC Held a Proclamation Ceremony for the 10/11 General Student Assembly
On September 22nd, 3:00 P.M., at the front gate of the Main Hall, the General Student Council (GSC) launched a proclamat
A Dongguk University Student Passed Away in a Fall from Wonheung Hall
Kim Min-hye, a sophomore from the department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, died in a tragic accident on Septe
Special Edition
Youth Politics for the Future
Germany: Youth organizations of the parties raising young politicians
A team of reporters from the University Media Center of Dongguk visited Germany and Spain from June 28th to July 9th to report the young people’s participation in politics. In Germany, the team
Exchanging Language, Culture, and Friendship
Every semester, Dongguk University welcomes a great number of international students from all over the world. According
Special Edition
Characters from Korea, Jumping up to Be a Global Leading Industry
Even in hot weather, everyday there is a long line for a new store next to Gangnam station. A huge number of people are waiting outside for one to two hours to enter this store called the “Kakao
Recruitment Based on NCS Has Positive Intentions but Loopholes Exist
From last year, the National Competency Standards business, abbreviated as NCS, has begun in earnest. NCS is a national
The Feminist Movement: A Step Towards Equality
The communication and solidarity among the members of society are necessary
On May 17th, 2016, a woman was murdered near Gangnam station. The murderer explained that he killed her because he experienced women treating him indifferently in his daily life. This statement trigge
Debut Essay
On the Way to Find My Identity as a Reporter
Two seasons have passed since I entered The Dongguk Post and now I am preparing for my second article in the newspaper.
About Time
To be honest, before I joined The Dongguk Post, I never really thought seriously about becoming a reporter, nor had a ch
Naming Myself a Reporter
Time truly flies. I could say that the six months I have spent working at The Dongguk Post were the busiest months in my
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2016 Autumn Graduation Ceremony in Dongguk
Unfinished Feminism
“Women can be raped, because they wear shorts and hang around during the night.” This is what I saw when some male suspects justified their malicious behavior. Women, especially Koreans, a
A Professor’s View on How Korean University Students Spend Their Summer
The summer vacation is coming to an end, now the fall semester begins. For Korean students, summer vacation is quite a long vacation, lasting from late June to the end of August. This time away from r
Where We Are
/Illustrated by Lee Seung-gyu from Information & Communication Engineering Major
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